Finger Positions

I am going to the Russianoff Method again about finger positions and working on the E Major scale before retackling the b and f# majors. In the process I am feeling the way my fingers get out of position and do not give closure to the holes, especially in the altissimo register. It’s funny that I am dealing with old habits of forcing the notes out and feeling I can actually pull them out by tensing up and pulling up on the fingers instead of keeping them in position and letting the melodic line flow.
I have discovered some new fingerings for the altissimo ranger in the process, so something very interesting is coming from the practice.

In the afternoon practice session, I found the eyes focusing and the brain communicating with the fingers more rapidly after the gruelsome work with scales in the morning.  The Rose Rode Etudes layed a bit more easily under the fingers as did the Poulenc.  The Altissmo still needs a lot of work in solid fingerings and embrochure formation across the registers as usual, but I intend to work on that more in depth tomorrow.  Again, squeaks and squawks, but in a productive way, not destructive. 

I am looking forward to pulling out another old warhorse, the Rossini Theme and Variations and give the fingers a good workout.  Arpeggios, here I come!

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