Managing the Fingers

I have already delved into the kinesiology of playing the clarinet and some of the aspects of movement and stability. I am pushing further right now with the left thumb or finger 1 as most people commonly refer to it. This digit can by highly irritating and can cause unwanted squeaks and squawks in register changes.
The stiff thumb is not a good thumb, take the splint off and use the knuckle. I have been fighting the instrument to achieve that smooth break across the register and have become quite frustrated with fingers moving out of position left and right and the Altissimo Register is totally out of whack at the moment.
I began a much slower practice today with attention to the thumb and keeping the fingers a reasonable close distance from the keys themselves. By the way, finger lift also has a lot to do with this aspect and should be left unnoticed during any practice session or performance. I have found out today, that my fingers were more than erratic, they were just plain out floppy .
It is important to keep in touch with the mental and physical parts of this process for very logical reasons. All the senses need to come into play, touch, hearing, taste, every feeling known to mankind and even toe tapping for rhythmic symetry in various passages. Dr. Sandra Cox reminded me of a very good lesson Robert Hodge taught us from Junior High forward about the toe tapping technique for fluidity in tempo and fingerings.
More later.

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