Jere Douglas, award winning clarinetist and clinician, began his musical career on the piano at the
tender age of 5 years old studying in the Berl Olswanger Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. He
continued his musical growth in the junior and chancel choirs of Second Presbyterian Church in
Memphis along with picking up the Clarinet in the 9th grade at Milan High School working under the
tutelage of Mr. Robert Hodge. From these beginnings in classical and jazz, Jere has performed with
the Germantown Symphony, Memphis Symphony, in musicals on Broadway and in London, with
Ray Charles, Bette Midler, Barry Manilow, Joyce Cobb, Count Basie, Doobie Brothers, and is a well
recognized session and pit musician. Jere is a freelance musician and has played in many of the
major and minor symphonies as a fill in. As a clinician, Jere has taught around the US, including
through the Mid-America Arts Alliance, TMEA, NAMTA and various regional and state
organizations. He has performed as guest soloist with ensembles in Japan, England, Australia,
Korea, Thailand, China, Germany, and as Artist in Residence at “The Clearing” Sister Bay, Wisconsin,
Woodwind Specialist Arkansas Repertory Theatre.
Jere is a sensitive performer with a unique edge to interpretations of works from Baroque to New
Age, a specialist in new compositions and techniques looking to expand the repertoire for the
clarinet though various ensemble mixtures and rhythmic complexities. His boundless energy is
focused on commissioning works by new composers. His performances are inspiring and
completely encompassing, taking audiences to a higher level of experience. Jere comes across the
footlights with powerful musical statements that are inspiring to many.
Jere is an ardent supporter of personal growth and education and shares his life experiences
through private coaching with students from around the world. He is also involved in various
charitable organizations promoting health and wellbeing. An avid cook, reader, and civic organizer,
Jere is a consummate well-rounded person.
“Pick your personal mentors and teachers with great care, and with the emphasis on your personal
career, not the world of academia,” exhorts Jere. “Make your own way, even if it means stepping
outside the box. I actually created my own course of study, much to the chagrin of others. I have
ended with the appropriate credentials that look nice on a wall– but the substance behind the
paperwork is truly what’s important to me.”

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“My purpose is to empower students and avid artistic connoisseurs to think for themselves. I will empower students and avid artistic connoisseurs to think for themselves through my performing, teaching, speaking and jovial actions. I will empower creativity in daily life and living and give the artistic connoisseur the feeling it is ok to be creative and push boundaries in their lives and way of living.”

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